Business Services

Human Resources

Business relies on the development of a strong team in order to operate effectively. Human resources encompasses the recruiting, training, and motivation of employees.   

  • Overview
    • Service Canada administers a number of essential employment programs and resources for employers.  
  • Job Market Trends and News
    • This Job Market Trend tracker offers information on significant events that may affect the supply and demand in the labor force across Canada. It can be a useful resource to plan for fluctuations in labor availability.
  • Finding, Hiring, and Managing Employees
    • This guide from the Business Link is designed to help employers understand the hiring process through different government programs, services, and regulations.
  • Payroll Information
    • As an employer, you are responsible for deducting Canada Pension Plan contributions, Employment Insurance premiums and income tax from remuneration.  The Canadian Revenue Agency has the information needed to make these deductions.
  • Employment and Labour Relations 
    • Both the federal and provincial governments have jurisdiction over employment and labor relations in Canada. The Government of Alberta has compiled resources to explain the provincial regulations.
    • Employment Standards are minimum standards of employment for employers and employees in the workplace. This Government of Alberta resource contains standards and legislation information.
  • Employment Standards Tool Kit
    • The Employment Standards Tool Kit for Employers has been developed to help employers understand their rights and obligations under Employment Standards legislation. This kit details important sections of the Employment Standards Code and Regulations. 
    • Job Bank is the Government of Canada's leading source for jobs and labour market information. Employers can also advertise jobs for free.