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Taxation refers to the practice of a government collecting money from its citizens and businesses to pay for public services. Depending on where you conduct your business, taxes may include any combination of municipal, provincial and federal tax.

  • Overview

    • The Business Link provides an overview of various resources to help prepare your business for the tax issues it will face.

  • The Tax System in Alberta

    • The tax system in Alberta is administered at two levels, both federally and provincially. This Government of Alberta details the provincial tax information in this resource.

  • Guide for Canadian Small Businesses

    • This guide will introduce you to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) programs and online services your business needs to know about. It gives an overview of the obligations and entitlements under the laws that the CRA administers.

  • Payroll

    • As an employer, you are responsible for deducting Canada Pension Plan contributions, Employment Insurance premiums and income tax from remuneration.  The Canadian Revenue Agency has the information needed to make these deductions.

  • Business Number Registration

    • Registering for a business number simplifies and streamlines the way businesses deal with the federal government. The Canadian Revenue Agency has resources and forms related to business number registration.

  • Corporate T2 Tax Returns

    • Corporations must file tax returns with the Canadian Revenue Agency. All of the necessary forms and information can be found in this resource.

  • Audit

    • The Canada Revenue Agency conducts business audits to closely examine books and records of small and medium-sized businesses to make sure they fulfill their obligations, apply tax laws correctly, and receive any amounts to which they are entitled. This resource details the audit process.

  • Corporate Income Tax 

    • Corporations operating in Alberta are required to file Alberta corporate tax returns in addition to filing with Canada Revenue Agency. 

  • Municipal Taxes

    • These municipal profiles are a compilation of statistical, financial, and other information about municipalities in the Province of Alberta. This database includes property tax rates.