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August 12, 2016
This isn’t news anyone wants to hear but facts are facts. Vacancy rates in the Leduc-Nisku Region are at historic highs. Vacant land, vacant warehouses, vacant office space, vacant retail space … you get the idea. On one hand, the amount of available space offers up an opportunity for anyone looking to start a business, move offices or up-size operations. On the other hand, where are these properties listed and how can investors proactively access property information? This is one of the questions we at the Leduc Nisku EDA have answered. In response, we have enhanced our Property Locator Tool. Last year we launched this tool which consolidates every available property in the region into a single Geographic Information System (GIS). Search results are displayed on an interactive map based on your chosen criteria. For you, the realtor, this tool enhances your capacity to profile available properties. For you, the prospective buyer, this tool is a one-stop-shop that allows you to search and compare multiple property listings at once.

It’s free, so why not?

Listing your properties on our Property Locator Tool is free! We update it every two weeks and will have any properties you send us listed within 24 hours. There simply isn’t another service like this dedicated solely to the Leduc-Nisku region. We realize how difficult moving properties is in today’s economy but taking the time to send us your available commercial and industrial spaces is another opportunity to showcase your listings. We’re here to help and would love nothing more than to hear our tool helped you move your latest property.    

One last thing …

As the regional economic development association, we are the first point of contact with site selectors from all over the world. Our knowledge base of available spaces comes from our Property Locator Tool. IF YOUR PROPERTIES AREN’T LISTED WITH US, WE WON’T KNOW THEY EXIST and therefore might not be able to show the next company looking into our region what could be a perfect home for them! To summarize, if you’re a retailor with commercial and/or industrial property listings in the Leduc-Nisku region, drop us a line and help us, help you.