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The 3 Part Business Financing Series: Live Long and Prosper
December 11, 2015

Putting your business first

Hosting events focused on local business is one of the ways we as an association support the business community in the region. Over the past three months we hosted the 3 Part Business Financing Series in partnership with the City of Leduc. Topics covered in these lunch and learn sessions included:  government grants and programs, innovative banking options and angel investment. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, there are always new and innovative opportunities out there for you to take advantage of. Keeping tabs on these options is becoming more and more necessary as the economy continues to see such volatility.

Our objective with these sessions was to educate local businesses on ways in which they can utilize available programs to help their businesses grow and remain successful. Not only were the formal presentations educational, but the speakers were industry experts and were available for one on one time before and after the session.     

What did you miss?

Is there anything better than free money? Because our government seems to have a lot to give away if you take the time to look for it. The first session we had covered just that in government grants and funding programs. If you were in attendance you would have learned about all the ways your company can qualify for funding and what you need to do to qualify. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant was one of the key opportunities discussed and learning that training your staff is one of the first areas to be cut in difficult times, this grant offers money to support both the company and valued employees. Grants like this are far too often underutilized and are there for you to take advantage of.                  

The best thing about coming to one of these sessions is the ability to not only learn from the experts but to network with them. Take our innovative banking options session for example, each of our three speakers was an employee of either ATB Financial, Business Development Bank of Canada or HSBC Bank Canada and they work with companies – like those that were in attendance – every day. This was an incredible opportunity to speak with managers from three different business focused banks that want nothing more than to see your business grow and be successful.

Our third session focused on angel investment with presentations from TEC Edmonton (the number one
business incubator in Canada). Believe it or not, Randy Thompson, who was one of our presenters that day, at one time had the dubious honour of pre-screening entrepreneurs before they saw the Dragons on Dragon`s Den. Needless to say he was a wealth of information and an incredible resource to learn from. That day also saw an individual come from Airdrie to be in attendance. Shelby Ogonoski from H.I.C. explained that “I heard of the last session from a friend who said that the Leduc-Nisku EDA hosts really good events.” As we aim to organize smaller and more targeted events, one on one meetings after the presentation are a planned component. Our friend from Airdrie had the chance to pick Randy Thompson’s brain for half an hour after the presentation. Shelby and our presenters from TEC Edmonton made a great connection and will be working together on his business. Two of the very important things everyone in attendance learned from Randy Thompson: “An exit strategy is key for every entrepreneur and the shareholder is the most important person”.

What’s next?

The Leduc-Nisku EDA is gearing up for a very busy 2016! Follow us on twitter @leducnisku for the latest updates from the region and make sure to check out our events page on as we have many events planned for next year and will be posting them periodically. Thank you to everyone that joined us and all the best in 2016!