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Guest Blog - Why do you exist?
December 01, 2016
Last time, we shared the importance of having a “competitive advantage” defined to set your organization apart from others.  By knowing what your company offers – that is difficult for others to replicate – you harness the potential to tap in to markets and customers that will continue to buy from you for years to come.

In this blog, we touch on one of the key components of your strategic plan; the “mission statement”. Miriam-Webster dictionary defines “mission” as “a pre-established and often self-imposed objective or purpose”.  Often, this becomes misinterpreted as a future state, or target for the company, thought of as something different than the current offerings.

The mission statement however, can best be defined as “why you exist”.  It refers to a current state of what your company provides, how you conduct your business and often what clients or customers you serve.

When writing your mission statement, focus on defining the following and including these in the statement:
What service or product you provide;
What benefit or value this service or product is meant to create for your customers;
What markets or customer groups you service; and
How you deliver your service or product.

Your mission statement helps to guide the decisions made on a daily basis by the staff in your organization.  By having a clear mission statement, you are best armed to ensure the roles and tasks performed by your staff are aligned with the company mandate.  This also ensures what you communicate to your future customers and what your employees deliver stand the best chance of being consistent.
Stay tuned as we continue the strategic planning efforts in our Vision!

Russ Webb is the Managing Director of Tridentium Enterprise Inc, a Strategic Planning and Business Development firm located in the Leduc-Nisku region.  Tridentium helps facilitate and guide strategic alliances, innovation, employee engagement and solid strategic plans to weather the turbulence of the economy.  Check us out at