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A refreshing take on ENERGY
February 03, 2017
Mark Gallant
At the Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association we use the phrase “We Build Energy”. We use it in all of our marketing materials because first and foremost, we are home to the largest Energy Services Industrial Park in Canada and only second in size to Houston’s park in North America. We draw attention to the fact that we have hundreds of companies that service the energy industry. Everything from advanced manufacturing, transporting and warehousing, developing technologies and research. We build energy!

While all this is true, Energy is manifested in many ways. Of course, Oil & Gas is king in this province, but we are developing new technology to aid in renewable energy. We have companies making strides in solar, wind and geo-thermal. The Leduc Recreation Centre has one of the largest solar panel installations in the province and the Town of Devon is implementing many energy saving technologies to help it become one of the greenest communities in Canada.

My son just finished writing his diploma exam for his senior high Physics 30 class. In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, rather, it transforms from one form to another.  I truly believe that we, as individuals, can create “Positive Energy” and it can carry us forward.

We can all agree, Alberta has had a tough couple of years. No need to explain why. However, the start to 2017 seems to be looming with some positive energy unless you are focusing all your energy on the new regime to the South. I am sure you’ve heard the expression ‘You can choose your attitude’. Having an attitude of gratitude allows you to give and receive positive forms of energy. How many of us woke up to the beautiful hoar- frost last week? I don’t know about you, but it gave me positive energy. When I see a dog out for a walk and its tail is wagging, that gives me positive energy. When I hear my favourite song on the radio, I crank it up and sing along – more positive energy! My favorite, doing something nice for someone; simple things like holding the door open, saying hello, or buying a coffee for the person in line behind me. Positive energy is contagious. When you embrace the positive energy from your surroundings, it will be visible to the outer world. Do ever meet people that seem to exude energy? And conversely people who seem to draw energy? They are exhausting to be around so choose to be a positive energy giver.

Our organization and our region will continue to “Build Energy”! I hope you will to.