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AIRFRANCE KLM Partners with Leduc-Nisku EDA
January 22, 2016
On Thursday January 21, 2016 Leduc-Nisku EDA partnered with Air France KLM and EIA to host an exclusive event showcasing their cargo and passenger services. Although the KLM service has been in the region for 8 months now, it’s not old news. Attendees were exposed to information provided via a panel presentation from members of the KLM Cargo and Passenger Team as well as the EIA Cargo team. 
Speaking from their hearts with great passion about their company and desire to work with people and companies in our region, both KLM and EIA emphasized building a community through partnerships and trust. At the end of the day, they want their flights full of happy people and planes full of goods; ultimately, they want to spread the KLM culture throughour region. 

So, why would KLM decide to invest in the Edmonton to Amsterdam direct service? After nearly 10 years of data collection and market research, KLM was confident there was a strong market right here at EIA.  They believed strongly in EIA’s willingness to share the risk and commitment to working with them to ensure this venture is a success. After eight months in the region, they are happy to report that the region has helped them meet their base load and see continued success in both their passenger and cargo service.

KLM approaches their cargo service differently than other carriers; they look at their service to our shippers and forwarders as a partnership. The KLM cargo team invests a significant amount of time and energy to understand the shippers and forwarders plans and commits to working with them to also grow their business. KLM via EIA has the capacity to offer wide body aircraft cargo service from western Canada to Europe. This feature certainly gives both KLM and EIA a competitive advantage in the cargo marketplace and provides a unique opportunity for shippers and forwarders to share with neighboring provinces.

If you are curious about exporting, then the Cargo team at EIA will help you along the way. Not only is EIA the fastest growing passenger airport in Canada; but it’s also the fastest growing cargo airport in North America. As of late, terms like Aerotropolis and Cargo Village are headlining news reports. EIA explains that Aerotropolis refers to an airport community; and a strategic approach to maximizing the economic impact in the airport community. Development in a 70-80 mile radius of airport land can be considered a stimulator in an Aerotropolis region. Industries complimentary to airport services are targeted such as hotels, retail attractions and manufacturing services just to name a few. EIA has narrowed in specifically on creating a cargo hub at the airport which will ultimately be the anchor industry for this Aerotropolis approach.

And so it begins; Air France KLM has literally taken flight in Alberta’s International Region through strong partnerships, great passion for community development and a willingness to invest time and energy into gaining your trust and business in both their passenger and cargo services. Visit Air France KLM and EIA Cargo online, and contact us if you want further information that was shared at the KLM exclusive event on January 21, 2016.