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Executive Director presenting at national economic development symposium
May 26, 2017
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Regions are the drivers of the global economy. They are the hubs of research and innovation, our centres of human capital, and our gateways of trade an immigration. Metro regions have a role to play in economic growth, in transnational trade, and in improving the competitiveness of Canada and North America.

In that light, Barbara McKenzie, Executive Director of the Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association will be presenting, as part of a panel, at the 2017 Collaborate to Compete symposium in Ottawa, June 1.

She will be sharing the stage with representatives from Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton’s Capital Region Board to discuss how elements of regional planning assist in economic development.

The Collaborate to Compete Regional Symposium highlights the close connection between Central Cities and the Metropolitan Regions that surround them; connections that are key enablers for economic development, quality of life, and future prosperity in the reality of our globally competitive environment.