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Ch ch ch ch changes!
November 09, 2016
Mark Gallant
Change is in the air and for this month’s blog I thought I would share my feelings on just that – change. As a bit of a homage to one of my favourite artists, the late David Bowie, and with the time of year we find ourselves in, now is probably an appropriate time to discuss this topic as we have just "changed" our clocks back for our bi-annual mess with your circadian rhythm ritual. I'm not convinced turning the clocks forward and backward are warranted anymore as we are not an agrarian based society; do we need extra daylight, especially here in Northern Alberta?
We’re into the Fall season, which is usually the last time we see the ground as it’s supposed to be covered in snow, but Mother Nature threw us a curveball with an early dump followed by record breaking temperatures. As I write this blog, I could swear it’s early June, if not for the lack of daylight and barren looking trees. For business it’s the final quarter of the calendar year and if you’re looking to hit your targets, you have less than two months to reach your goals. Are you on track or do you have to do some 'high-stepping'?
We have seen so much change in the last two years. Starting with the dramatic shift in our economy and then with our political leadership. Who we vote for is our own doing but our economy ebbs and flows with the whims of world-wide commodity pricing. Business needs to react to change. You can complain about the government and the economy but that’s not going to drive you forward. What are you doing to be more innovative, more efficient and increase your ability to do more with less?
Early in my career, I had leaders that imprinted in me the concept of embracing change, otherwise you would be left standing in the wake of people willing to accept change and move forward. I guess my final thought on change is this: look for the positive because the only constant is change. As Darwin said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”