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The Currency of Words
November 04, 2016
Sagewood Communications Solutions Ltd. is a public relations, communications and marketing firm located in the Leduc-Nisku Region. Kristina Dembinski, owner and principle, started the company ten years ago when she recognized a need for such services. Kristina brings senior level expertise and experience to organizations and businesses that may not necessarily have access to resources in the public relations, communications and marketing field.

Fundamental to Sagewood’s success is the boutique model of services provided, which include strategic business and communications planning, stakeholder engagement, public and media relations, organizational profile building, website evaluation and redevelopment and more. In short, Kristina has spent a significant amount of time developing long-term relationships with a full suite of professionals who help her support her client’s needs. She is very purposeful about fully understanding each client’s needs and engaging the right team with the right skillset to ensure the client succeeds. 

Her business has grown and evolved over ten years because of her network of colleagues and through word of mouth referrals. People work with Sagewood because Kristina consistently delivers high quality, clearly articulated and professional services in a timely manner.

Like most businesses, Sagewood experiences peaks and valleys. So, being flexible enough to ensure the broad scope of her business services are being utilized, and always looking for opportunities to test her personal limits, is a priority for Kristina. 

Communications were very different ten years ago when Kristina started her company. Social media was not what it is today. “People aren’t just learning about you, they are talking about you,” says Kristina. “We have to adapt to how people communicate.” Sagewood evolves with change as Kristina evaluates her services and seeks new experiences and skills to embrace the new style of communications we have become accustomed to today and will need in the future. 

Sagewood is extremely client focused. It was very clear during our meeting with Kristina that she values those opportunities to work with clients on their strategy and planning. Kristina explains it best when she says, “I work with words, find a way to pull them out of people, package them and present them. My currency is words.” In this ever changing industry, she has built a long standing reputation for taking ideas and turning them into strategies and, in turn, building implementation plans that work well for her clients. Kristina sums it up well when she says, “The key to doing this successfully is to hear what clients are saying and then build upon that. You have to listen first; then communication can begin.” 

Kristina has lived in Leduc County for 13 years and is a true champion for supporting and promoting local business, particularly small business and non-profit organizations. Recognizing the importance and impact of community, Kristina contributes where she feels she can add value while still finding time to balance her business and personal interests. Kristina has embraced the Leduc-Nisku EDA whole heartedly, serving on the board for four years and as Chair of the Board of Directors since 2015. 

If you need public relations, marketing and communications support, please consider Sagewood Communications Solutions Ltd. Reach out to Kristina at or 

Thank you Kristina for your contributions to the Leduc-Nisku EDA.