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Carbon Tax - Are you Prepared?
September 26, 2016
Sandy McIntosh
We put the call out to local businesses to come and learn how to prepare for the impending Carbon Tax – and they answered! We had attendees from SME’s, proprietorships, organizations, associations, and our local MLA, Shaye Anderson was there. The discussions around the tables were frank, open, and relayed the concern we all have with January fast approaching. The information provided by the expert presenters was exactly what businesses needed to learn. 

How the Carbon Tax will Affect you

Mitch LaBuick, Senior Manager Indirect Tax, from MNP went over the study that was done by MNP that analyzes the Carbon Tax and what it will mean to Albertans. Put lightly, The Alberta Carbon Levy is a broad based tax that will be levied on the purchase of all fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”). Yes, that means everything from filling your car to heating your home will be taxed. The rate of this tax will be $20 per tonne in 2017 and increasing to $30 per tonne in 2018. It might seem all doom and gloom but there are some exemptions and rebates will be offered to those who qualify.
Exemptions for the Carbon Levy include: 
Biofuels, this includes ethanol, biodiesel and biomethane.
Inter-jurisdictional flights. (originate and/or terminate outside of Alberta)
Indigenous use. When purchased on reserve lands.
Fuels used in other processes to produce other fuels or products
Fuels exported outside of Alberta
Rebates will also be offered based on the following:
Individuals earning under $47,500 will receive $200 annually
Couples earning under $95,000 will receive $300 annually
Further rebates will be offered based on number of children in household
Small business tax will drop from three per cent to two percent

Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint 

Mitch Pomphrey, CEO from PI Corporation Services provided insight for those businesses looking at lessening their carbon footprint. Mitch outlined that Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 15 per cent since 2005 and are expected to continue to rise from now until 2030. In short, we need to change our current habits and look at greener alternatives. This is of course easier said than done especially for businesses who are being hit by two fronts with the current price of oil and now the carbon tax. But Mitch offered some pragmatic options and steps we can all take to help reduce the impact of the carbon tax. Something as simple as switching to LED bulbs can drastically offset the impact of the carbon tax. A nine per cent LED retrofit could offset 67 per cent of the carbon tax in 2017 for a commercial building. By adopting current energy saving technology such as efficient thermostats and LED lighting, Alberta industries can save up to three billion dollars next year. The upfront costs associated with greener technology will quickly be offset by the savings.  

Thanks for Joining the Conversation 

To those who were able to attend the session, thank you for registering early and being part of a much anticipated conversation. The success of the event is because you chose to attend, you listened intently to the presentations and you engaged with the speakers by asking the questions we all needed to have answered. 

Events like this one is why we work so hard to bring relevant information and experts right to the doorstep of our local businesses. If you have a question, if you need help accessing information, or if you want to be connected to experts in your industry, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us – or better yet – come for breakfast at our next event on October 26, 2016, CleanTech: What does the future hold? We’d love to see you there!

Mitch and Mitch's presentations can be viewd here