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From Humble Beginnings to International Success
September 09, 2016
Ranked as Alberta Venture’s 41st fastest growing company in Alberta in 2014, AOG International has grown to become a regional leader in freight forwarding. Christina Forth is the founder and CEO and has been the driving force behind AOG International since its humble beginnings. “It all started in my basement back in 2003,” says Christina. “I had made a few connections in the industry and they encouraged me to give it a shot.” It was these relationships she built before she decided to go it alone and start her own venture that would eventually become her first customers. “I have had loyal customers since the beginning and it’s these customers that helped AOG International get off the ground and to where we are today,” explains Christina. Companies like CVS Controls who Christina says was one of the first companies to take a chance on AOG International.

In business, word travels fast and your reputation can make or break you. For a company that’s only been around for 13 years, AOG International has managed to not only grow its reputation but its operations as a whole. In 2008, after a mere five years of existence, AOG International expanded to include a sales office in Houston Texas. They provide a wide range of freight forwarding services with access to a global network of more than 7,000 agents. Need something moved ASAP? No problem, AOG International specializes in time critical freight needs as well as oversized and heavy weight air freight. Whether you need to move a drilling rig or require custom sized crating, AOG International has the service and expertise to meet your every freight forwarding need. “Our priority and focus to go above and beyond for our clients is part of what AOG International has become known for,” explains Christina. “It’s when you need to meet the needs of multiple international clients that you realize just how 24/7 your business is.” AOG International certainly has its own understanding of the phrase ‘it’s 5’oclock somewhere’.

AOG International has had an impact closer to home as well. Not only is AOG International the Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association’s first ever Corporate Partner, they’re also a founding member of the Leduc-Nisku EDA’s Business Advisory Council. It’s no secret that the state of the economy has hit our region pretty hard and Christina attributes the influx of entrepreneurs to the increased unemployment. “I’m beginning to see more and more entrepreneurs and startups these days and I see exporting education becoming a necessity in today’s economy. Increased diversification is needed in our region and by being a part of the Leduc-Nisku EDA’s Business Advisory Council I am able to assist and encourage growth in the region,” says Christina.