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September 27, 2016
The Leduc-Nisku EDAtorial is the official blog of the Leduc-Nisku EDA. Blog posts are submitted from EDA staff members on various business or Leduc-Nisku EDA topics. Not that our staff doesn’t always have something interesting to say, but we also want to hear from you and share your expertise and knowledge. We invite you to be a guest blogger! We encourage local businesses to guest blog on the EDAtorial to provide a fresh voice, a new perspective and offer advice.

Are you interested in becoming a guest blogger?
Great, we’d love to have you onboard! A few housekeeping items before you begin:

Audience: Our audience is made up of businesses, local government representatives, and community members who see us as experts on the area of economic and business development. They read our blog to keep up with what our association is doing and to hear our take on current happenings around the region. 

Topic: Blog Posts should be specific, interesting, informative and leave our audience with some form of a takeaway. We at the Leduc-Nisku EDA are all about helping to promote local business but the EDAtorial is not meant to be used as a promotional platform to outline products or services. If you’re an expert on something and would like to share your knowledge, findings or thoughts on topical scenarios, we’d love to publish your blog on the Leduc-Nisku EDAtorial.  

Word Count: Blogs should ideally be anywhere between 300-800 words. Please be concise and consider overall readability. Online readers often leave long pages before they finish reading, so try not to exceed 1,000 words.

Style: Please write in a simplistic and easy to understand style. As our blog is meant to speak directly with the readers feel free to use more of a conversational or first person style of writing.

Format and editing: All submissions will be edited for correct grammar and readability. Keep titles short and simple, preferably no more than eight words. Be creative with your Blog headline, after all this is what will set the stage for what’s to come. Test your headline here.

Author bio: As your blog may be written from your company’s perspective, this is where you can be self-promotional and speak directly to what your company does and the services you provide. Your bio will not cut into the word count of your post, but please keep it to no more than 100 words

Images: Including an image is a great way to bring attention to your blog post and we encourage you to provide at least one image to go along with your write-up. If you are unable to provide an image we will choose one for you.  

Disclaimer: Blog posts are subject to approval 

For more information and to write a guest blog for the EDAtorial, contact Michael Presniak at