Though Alberta's International Region is a powerful industrial hub, Agri-Foods is an important sector providing economic stability and diversity to a region heavily focused in energy-related business. Agri-Food sectors include food engineering and processing, agriculture and ag engineering, trade, and rural services. Corporately-run research facilities in this sector are dedicated to the development of new agricultural technologies and supplies, and encouraging the growth and expansion of this vital industry in highly competitive domestic and global markets.

Industry Fast Facts

We're a major contributor to Alberta's food & beverage production. The 3rd largest food & beverage producing province in Canada.

Alberta represented almost 20% of Canadian total agri-food exports of $40.6 billion in 2011.

60.8% of Alberta’s food and beverage manufacturing industries in 2011 was concentrated in two segments: meat products and grain and oilseed milling.

A key driver of this industries growth is due to increased access to international markets through liberalization of trade agreements.

Regional Advantages

Industry News


Canada-EU Trade agreement reduces agriculture and agri-foods tariffs. View Details

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