Growing Industries

Engineer, Construction & Technical Services

The Engineering sector has specific strengths in consulting, engineering and geosciences. Projects range from feasibility studies and cost estimating to design specifications and technical reports.

The sector is aggressive, proactive and dynamic and has grown in strength and capability as a result of an active Alberta economy. A major strength is engineering capability for oil and gas production facilities who work in concert with our competitive petroleum equipment packagers. The sector also includes several large engineering contractors who provide engineering, procurement, and construction services (EPC) particularly to industrial process plant projects.

Service requirements in oil and gas, electricity, roads and bridges, pipelines, transit systems and petrochemicals are expected to be strong, creating a bright future for the Engineering sector.

Environmental Services

Environmental sector companies balance energy production with environmental stewardship and provide a wide range of products and services, including site clean-up, water treatment and emergency response and hazardous waste treatment.

EPCOR's Genesee Generating Station, located within Alberta's International Region near Warburg, is recognized as the most technologically advanced clean coal-fired power plant in the country.

Information Technology & Communications

Companies in the technology/communication sector are involved in a wide range of technical operations, ranging from internet service providers and internet-related applications to virtual reality and data modeling. A highly skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure, and exceptional centres of research create a rich environment for investors.

Professional Services

Professional Service enterprises make knowledge and skills available to other organizations or to the public, often on a project basis. Alberta's International Region possesses several vital services to keep the community growing, including law offices, banks, registries, dental clinics and consultant firms.


From clothing retailers to supermarkets and everything in between, Alberta's International region has a healthy retail presence.

Various spaces available in commercial/retail centres.

Industry News

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